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We are India’s No.1 UPS/inverter and its related all category batteries selling Company. We are offering genuine batteries & UPS with manufacturer warranty. inverter battery price is very good beacuase We are catering the complete range of automotive as well as UPS batteries and you can buy any car battery and inverter battery from well-known standard battery brands.

We look forward to creating a distinct brand image by catering to the customers and their needs, with complete range of Car & UPS batteries with free home delivery & installation from well trained technicians within few hours.

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battery shop near me

Company Profile

Batteryking is always offered  genuine batteries  & UPS with manufacturer warranty. If you have any make or model of Car and UPS with you; we are ready to always fulfill your requirements.

We offer THE  best prices and pay online or cash on delivery. Now our service is in over 10 cities including  Bangalore, Hubli-Dhrawad, Haveri, Gadag, Byadagi, Kalagatagi, Navalagund, Naragund, Bagalakot, Belguam and many more. We are gradually increasing our delivery network to include all major cities and towns of India.

We work towards achieving highest level of customer satisfaction by catering to the standard products with manufacturer warranty.

 Our Company always depend upon our customer and their needs and therefore we should understand current and Future customer needs,  cater to the present and upcoming technological changes and should meet their requirements and strive to exceed customer expectations.

Why you should buy from us ?

  • We make live life nonstop even in the times of power failure.
  • We always concentrate on futuristic concept.
  • We don’t concentrate only on Sale. But  also concentrate on BEST economy Solutions with good service.
  • We have Computerised Battery Testing equipments for quick action.
  • We use Specially Designed Customised software for Service Inward & Outward maintenance
  • Our Toll free No:1800-300-2166 is an absolutely free calling facility for any sales & service calls.
  • After Sales & Service is most important in our premises.
  • Aim to give economy, reasonable & Competitve prices in every sales transaction.
  • We are serving more than 100 Corporate customers & more than 8000 Non Corporate customers.
  • We provide Multi brand products selection & comparison, in single click option.
  • You can Compare Price, Brand & Variety of our Company, easily with other competitive brands.
  • We offer wholesale price to direct customer
  • We have free shipping facility with installation from expert technicians.
  • We have professional sales & service  support team.
  • Batteryking’s stategic objective is to have a consistant approach to quality products and provide tools to meet world class requirements in its Sales & Service transaction.
  • Quality is integrated to batteryking’s organization and activities. Each function, organization and individual is responsible for the quality and continous improvement.

      We are authorised sales & service Provider for following category  Products.

  • Home UPS/inverter
  • Solar Batteries.
  • Tubular Batteries.
  • SMF VRLA Batteries.
  • GPS tracking devices.
  • 2 wheeler Batteries.
  • 4 wheeler Batteries.
  • Electric Bike Batteries.
  • Home UPS/inverter batteries.
  • Online/offline UPS Systems.
  • All HCV& LCV Vehicle Batteries.


We want you to be our Next all time satisfied Customer. Our Aim is to provide you with PQVST level of satisfaction. i.e.   


  1. Price Satisfaction.
  2. Quality Satisfaction.
  3. V areity Satisfaction.
  4. Service Satisfaction
  5. Time Satisfaction – 100% in time Delivery Satisfaction.
Working Principle of Battery

A battery works on the oxidation and reduction reaction of an electrolyte with metals. When two dissimilar metallic substances, called electrode, are placed in a diluted electrolyte, oxidation and reduction reaction take place in the electrodes respectively depending upon the electron affinity of the metal of the electrodes. As a result of the oxidation reaction, one electrode gets negatively charged called cathode and due to the reduction reaction, another electrode gets positively charged called anode.

The cathode forms the negative terminal whereas anode forms the positive terminal of a battery. To understand the basic principle of battery properly, first, we should have some basic concept of electrolytes and electrons affinity. Actually, when two dissimilar metals are immersed in an electrolyte, there will be a potential difference produced between these metals.

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