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How can I Track my Car using a gps tracking device One line answer to this question is, get gps tracking device installed on your vehicle and it’ll show Batteryking is very popular in Indian market and we’ve answered about it thoroughly in one of my previous answers.Do read it cause it will only help you in understanding what all things to consider in GPS tracker apart from basic location tracking. There are several products in the market which uses gps tracking device to feed in live details of your vehicle to you. These devices can be simple tracking devices to those which can perform multiple activities (sophistication = price) from sending texts\emails or alert you thru an app on your cellular phone\alert police by sharing coordinates once it crosses a programmed geofence.

Though most devices are simple to install and operate, they need some amount of electrical wiring(for antenna, power) etc and it is better to contact Batteryking installed devices.Batteryking installed devices will not void your vehicle warranty. Look for the costs! Most units have an annual service fee, with certain exceptions where certain products are sold with an one-time payment. Suggestion, annual fees mostly ensure prompt after sales support.

Even in the most remote areas with unstable network, you will be covered by a GSM frequency band of 900/1800 or 850/1900 MHZ.
Real Time Tracking
Track your friends, family, employees as well as colleagues with the real-time tracking of Letstrack tracking devices. This feature enables you to track the exact location instantly.
Engine Cut
Engine-Cut is a premium feature. If you see your vehicle moving when it shouldn’t be, you can take control with just one click to immobilize the vehicle from the palm of your hand. Whether used at night for added security or in an emergency, this is a must have feature.
Zone Alerts
Letstrack tracking app enables you to create zones for tracking your friends, family, employees as well as colleagues. It alerts you every time they enter or exit the specified area.
Speed Alerts
Set your own speed limits and get alerts whenever it is exceeded. Get alerts instantly and track all your friends, family, drivers, employees as well as colleagues if required.
Safe Mode/Anti-theft Alarm
Safe mode is allowing user to activate the Anti-theft alert. User gets an alert with an alarm sound when vehicle starts in safe mode.
AC Alarm
Get notified whenever the AC is switched ON/OFF. This feature is hugely beneficial for people who hire drivers for cabs or to pick up and drop off their children.
Towed Alarm
With this feature, you get alerts when your car is towed away anytime and anywhere. This feature works when the engine is on or off
Device Unplug
This feature allows you to get alerts when the device is disconnected from the vehicle. The inbuilt battery that is present in this device enables it to send alerts.
Driver Behavior
Monitoring the individual performance of your drivers can result in a number of benefits for your fleet. Boost driver performance levels across your fleet and giving regular alerts on sharp turn, Harsh break, Acceleration & DE acceleration.
Info Graphs
This feature adds you to view extended data through easy to read graphs and other graphics gives a fantastic visual aid to maximize the use of all the features Letstrack offers. View information like distance travelled, average speed, maximum speed, engine on time, average stop time and number of stops.
Recover Offline GPS Data
This device has a unique feature to store offline GPS data, which means it will store the tracking device locations even when your device is offline (GPRS unavailable and GPS available) and post the offline historic date to sever as soon device is online and connected to GPRS.
60 Days history in web
Your online web portal will show you upto 60 days of GPS history and all other reports like distance travelled and maximum speed.
Sleep Mode
After being, stationary for 10 minutes, your tracker goes into sleep mode. This saves power. When you move again, the built-in motion sensor automatically wakes the tracker up.
Location on Demand
Whichever mode your tracker is in, the location on demand feature allows you to fetch it’s real time position.
Police Alert / Accident Alert / SOS Alarm
In a step towards making the country safe, we are the first-of-a-kind to add a Police alert button. We automatically call the nearest police station asking for help & assistance.

Value Screen – With Vehicle Handling Stats

Real-Time Tracking & 24-Hour History

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