The cold weather, how to make the car battery safe for the winter?

The cold weather, how to make the car battery safe for the winter?

When the weather gets cold, the battery will be easily “out of shape”.

So how do we properly maintain the battery in cold weather?

Car battery, its working principle is to convert chemical energy into electrical energy, to meet the car’s electricity needs. And the battery is most afraid of the low temperature environment.

In winter, the battery is a bit afraid of the cold, in the low temperature state of the battery electrolyte concentration becomes larger, the resistance is also correspondingly larger, it will lead to the battery discharge current and storage capacity is reduced. If the long-term parking does not start the vehicle, the battery has been in a state of power loss or even discharge, can not reach the voltage needed to start the motor, it will be difficult to start.

In addition to the low temperature environment will seriously affect the battery work, car habits also play a vital role, low temperature days should pay attention to help the battery “warm”.


Daily maintenance tips

Clean the battery terminals in advance and apply special grease to form a protective film to protect the parts.

Make sure the stereo, air conditioning and other electrical appliances off, and then stop and turn off the car, lock the doors. To avoid the phenomenon of electrical appliances not shut down, resulting in battery power loss.

If the car is parked in the open for a long time, you can unplug the battery cable to make it disconnected, or remove the battery and store it in a warm room.

PS: Remember to put it back before you go out next time!

Under normal circumstances, a battery can work for several years, but according to the actual use and the usual maintenance of the situation is different, it will produce a certain gap.

Correct use, pay attention to the maintenance of the battery, can extend the use of years, so usually must pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the battery Oh!


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