What are the constituent materials of lithium battery separator?

What are the constituent materials of lithium battery separator?

According to different physical and chemical properties, lithium battery diaphragm materials can be divided into several categories: woven film, non-woven film (non-woven), microporous film, composite film, diaphragm paper, laminated film and so on.

Polyolefin materials have excellent mechanical properties, chemical stability and relatively inexpensive, so polyethylene, polypropylene and other polyolefin microporous film was used as a lithium battery separator at the beginning of the research and development of lithium batteries. Although in recent years there has been research on the preparation of lithium battery diaphragm with other materials, such as the use of phase conversion method to polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) as the body polymer preparation of lithium battery diaphragm, the study of cellulose composite film as a lithium battery diaphragm materials.

However, the diaphragm material on the market is mainly polyethylene, polypropylene based polyolefin diaphragm, where polyethylene products are mainly made by the wet process, polypropylene products are mainly made by the dry process.

What are the types of lithium battery diaphragm?

Li-ion battery diaphragm can be divided into different types according to the structure and composition, there are three main types more common in the market now, namely porous polymer film, non-woven diaphragm and inorganic composite film.

Porous polymer film: refers to the mechanical method, thermogenic phase separation method, immersion precipitation method and other methods to prepare a uniform distribution of pores of lithium battery diaphragm.

Nonwoven diaphragm: is composed of oriented or random fibers, usually compounded with organic or ceramic gel, to obtain better chemical and physical properties of lithium battery diaphragm.

Inorganic composite membrane: mostly inorganic nanoparticles and high polymer composite and get the lithium battery diaphragm.

Lithium battery diaphragm as an important component of the inner layer of lithium batteries, its development prospects are relatively broad, and its production technology level will be enhanced.

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