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How to take care of your car like a small baby

Some examples of Car Problems with Reasons

A Car is a fine outcome of Mechanical Engineering team, made up with the highest Precision and Technology. 

However, despite that – due to usage there could be issues which may arise due to wear and tear or any mechanical part breakdown

Meanwhile there are thousands of parts used in car and times when mechanics may try to take advantage of the situation by showing an aggrieved issue, it’s important to be abreast with the common issues and be an informed car owner – to take care of your car in good manner.

Car is not getting start

It may Possibly range from – Starter Motor related Issue (if only click sound hearing), Ignition Switch, Battery related Issue (if car dead), Spark Plug related Issue (however this shows symptoms in ignition days before), Fuel Exhausted or Overheating. In rare cases – the Engine Oil may be leaked due to hit on Oil Filter – which may worse cause in Engine Failure, if attempted to drive.

Taking Multiple Attempt to Start Ignition

Battery is near to end of its Life or not charging or Weak Battery. Other than it – Spark Plug Issue

Car Ignition Not Starting – Has Click Sound or Lights, Music System and everything Working but Only Ignition not getting on

Do you Hear Click Noise on an attempt to turn on Ignition? Most Probably the issue is in Starter Motor. Either it could be as simple as wiring gets loosened up or Starter Motor get heats up quickly. Get it checked out from a Mechanic



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