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Difference Between Online & Offline Shoping

Online Purchase

Offline Purchase

Ø Save the Time.

Ø Loose the Time.

Ø Save the vehicle fuel.


Ø Loose the vehicle fuel.

Ø No sales person pressure.

Ø Sometime here Sales person pressurised you.

Ø No Diversion for your requirement & proper needs. 

Ø Some time here Divert from your needs & proper requirement.

Ø Here worked conclusion method.

Ø Sometime here you become confused.

Ø Here So many Comparison options available.

Ø Here limited comparison options available.

Ø Here you Buy open Eye method.

Ø Here you Buy Half closed Eye method

Ø Sales executive irritation Absence.

Ø Sells executive irritation presence. 

Ø Here store will come to your door step

Ø Here you should walk to selling store

Ø Here expert Technician  will deliverer  with Installation

Ø Here you should take headache  of carrying & Installation.   

Ø Here you are the decision maker

Ø Here you have lesser decision power

Ø Here you busy get commanded time Installation

Ø Here they will command you what time they will come

Ø Here you only the Real life king (Hero)

Ø Here you are like a filmy life  king (Hero)

Ø Here you choose your budget matching Brand

Ø Here He will sell his high profit getting Brand

Ø Here Seller Invest more money

Ø Here seller Invest nominal money 

Ø Here Direct From manufactures

Ø Here C&F, Distributor, Dealer & Retailer get there margins 

Ø Here operate seller with Nominal margin 

Ø Seller operator High margin

Ø Here Bulk purchase from manufacturer

Ø Here seller purchase whatever he need   with nominal Quantity

Ø He worked Smarter method

Ø He worked harden method

Ø He work like a Robot

Ø He worked like man

Ø Here seller earning lesser money with High Quantity Sale 

Ø Here seller earning higher money with lesser quantity sale  

Ø You only decide which type product you want  

Ø Seller will Decide his convenient  product 

Ø Here you check to able product, price, Quality, View, size ,variety & comparison 

Ø Here you have minimum variety

Ø Here you are the Decision maker what you want

Ø Here interruption will occurs from seller in your Decisions

Ø Here you are the finalizer

Ø Here you will ask for seller speech

Ø Here you get expert opinion 

Ø Here you don’t get proper opinion

Ø Here corporate sales & Service team available  

Ø Here unorganised sales & Service available   

Ø Here you are choosy

Ø Here seller do choosing work

Ø Here you buy suitable things 

Ø Here you compromise some things you buy

Ø Here price & variety will speech 

Ø Here Seller will speech

Ø All leading Brand at one touch

Ø Limited brands only

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