How to check Exide SMF VRLA Battery Warranty using Battery Serial Number.

How to check Exide SMF VRLA Battery Warranty
How to check Exide SMF VRLA Battery Warranty

To facilitate smooth functioning in banking, insurance and in other service institutions, it has become necessary to maintain the latest financial software packages, global networking facilities and user-friendly ATM services. This, in turn, has led to a large-scale computerization and consequent need for back-up power or Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Systems.

The integral part of a UPS is the battery bank. The battery acts as a back-up power source that supports the UPS system. The most popular battery system being used with UPS is the Lead Acid battery system. Broadly, there are two types of Lead Acid batteries suitable for SMF VRLA batteries and Tubular batteries.

VRLA batteries are flat plate batteries that do not require periodic topping-up with water and normally do not emit any fumes or gases on a continuous basis. They are best suitable for applications where back-up requirement is usually short, normally not exceeding 30 mins to 1 hour. These batteries are automatic choice where ambient temperature is not very high and space is a constraint. Exide’s Powersafe VRLA batteries provide ideal back-up power for UPS systems.

Tubular batteries use a special technology by which the active material is encapsulated in polyester tubes to prevent shedding. These types of batteries are recommended for back-up power for UPS where environmental conditions are tough and high ambient temperature are common.

Presenting NEW Improved Exide Powersafe Plus, Sealed, Maintenance-free VRLA batteries with enhanced design features which give a higher performance and reliability, better suited to Indian conditions. Exide Powersafe is a product of collaborative efforts of in-house R&D of Exide Industries Ltd., the largest lead-acid battery manufacturer of India. No wonder it is approved by all major OEMs and Institutional customers and is considered to be the Power Pack of the future.


  • New Improved Sealed Maintenance free
  • Free from Orientation Constraints
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Easy Handling and No Installation Constraints
  • Ready to Use
  • Long Service Life
  • Low Self-Discharge
  • Excellent Charge Retention and Recovering Ability
  • Superior High Rate Discharge
  • Wide Range

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At Exide Industries Limited we are committed to total customer satisfaction and we take great pride in the batteries that we manufacture. We warrant that this product is free from defects in materials and workmanship affecting its normal use, and is in conformity with the relevant specifications the warranty period, subject to the following:

  1. 1. Warranty Period: 1.Comprises of FREE REPLACEMENT and PRO-RATA. The label on every Exide battery specifies the total number of months covered by the free replacement period and the Pro-Rata period for batteries fitted in private cars, multi-utility vehicles, two-wheelers, inverters, gensets and solar applications.
    • i. For commercial and metered taxis the warranty is 12 months.
    • ii. In all cases the warranty is applicable from the date of sale to the original purchaser.
    • iii. For a battery being replaced on Free of Cost basis the warranty commences from the date of sale of the original battery as stated in the original Warranty Card and not from the date of replacement given.
    • iv. For batteries purchased on pro-rata warranty settlement discount, a fresh warranty is applicable from the date of purchase.
  2. 2. In the event of any complaint, the battery must be returned untampered & complete to the Company’s Authorized Dealer, Wholesaler or Depot in India along with the Warranty Claim Form. Delivery of the replaced/rectified/discounted battery will be F.O.R. to the same point.
  3. 3. The Warranty Claim Form comprises of a four-fold page that needs to be filled up completely as indicated below:
    • i. Record of Purchase (pages 1/3, 2/3 & 3/3) at the time of purchase.
    • ii. Redemption Record at the time of complaint.
  4. 4. A photocopy of the Warranty Claim Form (four fold page) should accompany all claims arising within the warranty period. Tampering or overwriting on Barcode Sticker will invalidate the warranty claim.
  5. 5. The Service Record in the Warranty Booklet must be filled in regularly by an authorised dealer of the Company as proof of specified maintenance. Without the record, your claim if any, is liable to be held invalid.
  6. 6. Our batteries are warranted against all defects arising solely from the use of faulty material or poor workmanship. Consequential liabilities will not be entertained.
  1. 7. The right to determine whether a battery needs repair, rectification, free replacement or pro-rata settlement rests with the Company.
  2. 8. The defective battery arising out of the free replacement or pro-rata settlement under this warranty will become the property of the Company and no scrap rebate will be given for it.
  3. 9. All liabilities under this Warranty shall cease if:
    • i. The battery has been operated in an application that it was not designed for and/or marketed to support/Company’s Application Chart.
    • ii. Battery has been refilled with additives, dopes or any other substance besides distilled water that may have contaminated the battery
    • iii. Damaged due to fitment of additional accessories in vehicle other than the original fitment
    • iv. Out of Warranty Period.
  4. 10. This warranty can be denied on merely discharged batteries and for batteries damaged due to abuse or neglect but not limited to the following:
    • i. Damages to the battery caused by accidents, fire, faulty electrical systems, improper handling, service of battery by unauthorised dealers/auto electricians, wilful abuse, destruction by fire, collision, theft or recharging.
    • ii. Breakage of container and cover or breakage/deformation of terminal due to mechanical shock like hammering.
    • iii. Damage to the battery due to contamination of electrolyte. The electrolyte used must be pure dilute sulphuric acid conforming to IS specification number 266-1961. For topping up purposes pure distilled water conforming to IS specification number 1069-1964 must be used.
    • iv. Failure of battery due to deep discharge, overcharge or improper topping up.
    • v. Solar batteries are not connected through a charge controller to the Solar Panel.
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