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Solar Battery 80ah

Solar Battery 80ah price are very good compare to others.Batteryking is Heard from so many customers  they are searching Good So,It is  the best Solar Solutions for your home.

Some Salient Features Of Solar Battery 80ah

  • 80ah  LPT1280H  Rated Capacity @ C10, 12V
  • Warranty – 60 Months
  • Tubular plate Technology – Next generation tall tubular battery with better charge acceptance and long Back up
  • Long cycles (1500 @80% DOD, 5000 @ 20% DOD), ensuring design life
  • Longer life without discharge with self-discharge rate of 3% per month STC.
  •  luminous solar battery 60ah price is very ecnomy tocustomer.Efficient battery with Higher AH efficiency > 90%, and WH efficiency > 80%
  • Low maintenance with a topping frequency of 8-10 months, low maintenance with level indicators
  • Designed with thicker positive plates and 20% more electrolyte to withstand power outage
  • It has high purity, corrosion-resistant proprietary spine alloy composition for long battery life
  • Extra-strong, flexible oxidation-resistant gauntlet for better performance and long life
  • Puncture-resistant polyethylene separator which minimize the possibility of internal short circuits.
  • Tubular plate construction for long life and superior performance
  • Extremely high purity, corrosion-resistant spine alloy composition ensures longer battery service life
  • Spines manufactured using HADI high pressure casting machine for long life
  • Highly puncture-resistant polyethylene separator for higher reliability
  • Plates designed for improved charge acceptance
  • luminous solar battery 80ah price is economy to invest inthis product.

Some Technical Features of Solar Battery 80ah

  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Topping up frequency : Once in 8 to 10 months
  • Long Design Life
  • Long cycles (1500@80% DOD, 5000 @20% DOD)
  • High Temperature Performance
  • Can handle extreme weather conditions.
High-power cuts at home/office

At times like this, you can’t make a better choice than to shift to solar! In such instances you require a battery based solar power system, this solution charges the battery using both the solar panel as well as the grid.

It can provide power back up to your home during the power cuts! If your home requires a small sized system (Upto 1500 VA), we recommend a Luminous Solar NXG System. If you need a medium to large sized system, the best you can go for is a Luminous Solar PCU System. They are definitely not a letdown!

Reduce Electricity bill costLuminous Solar Battery 80ah Price

During power cuts, you can continue to use your power back up system. For a grid tie system, we highly recommend Luminous GTI System. Time for you to efficiently save on your electricity bill.

How Its Work ?

Solar technologies convert sunlight into electrical energy either through photovoltaic (PV) panels or through mirrors that concentrate solar radiation.Below, you can find resources and information on the basics of solar radiation, photovoltaic and concentrating solar-thermal power technologies, electrical grid systems integration, and the non-hardware aspects (soft costs) of solar energy. You can also learn more about.

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